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Note to customers. I am tuning and repairing, but with a slightly reduced schedule. Also check out my newer website!

***Reduced Service schedule ***

With more limited schedule time available to book, I have discontinued online booking. Tuning requiries are by email and phone, and if I cannot meet the demand I will be happy to supply you with referrals to some of my competant associates, depending on your location.

We know that those who love music also love their instruments. With over 20 years experience bringing the best out of pianos, you can be assured that your piano will sound and play the best that it can.

As a musician, I understand the desire to play an instrument that sounds and plays right. From the young family looking into the purchase of a new or used piano to the high demands of schools, churches, theatres and music studios ~ professional service to all makes whatever the situation!

If you would like to hear your piano at it's best, call now 905-878-0058

My career as a piano technician started in 1994, at George Brown College, in a 2 year Piano technology program. I maintain professional knowledge by attending advanced training classes and studying new technologies applicable to the repair and rebuilding of fine pianos. If you are looking for the best piano tuner in Milton, Oakville, Burlington Mississauga or the Toronto area, look no further.

Piano tuning

Every piano needs tuning at least once a year to keep it sounding at its best. Pianos may be tuned aurally (by ear) or with the aid of an electronic tuning device. For more information on the tuning process and a description of other services please consult the Services page.

Piano Voicing

Piano hammer voicing aims to produce the best tone possible from the piano. Over time piano hammers can harden where they strike the strings; voicing them 'down' will bring back a mellow tone that perhaps you didn't know was possible in the sound of your piano. Newer pianos, too, are often vastly improved with voicing, as they may have had only minimal voicing from the factory or none at all. For more information about piano voicing and a description of other services please consult the Services page.

Repair & Rebuilding

Pictured here is a bridge on a grand piano (not normally visible on an upright). This one has been capped with fresh maple to improve the transmission of string energy to the soundboard. A job like this requires the removal of all the strings and is a major project reserved for pianos with inherent value. Your piano can be repaired and rebuilt, in some cases, to a higher standard than it's original build. Older pianos can be assessed to determine whether major rebuilding in whole or in part is a worthy pursuit. For more information on the many independant repairs and upgrades that can be made on your piano please consult the Services page.

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