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Our price guideline-

All prices plus HST.

Service Price Estimated time and summary
Standard Piano Tuning $115.04 1-1.25 hrs; basic tuning plus assessment of piano
Premium Piano Tuning $160 1.5-2 hrs; pitch raise if overly flat, damper pedal adjustment. Unless you are certain that the piano is very flat, a standard tuning will be booked
Piano Voicing $100 1 hr; basic piano voicing for toning down overly bright hammers - voicing up mellow hammers will take longer; must be performed with a tuning or on a recently tuned piano
Hourly Rate $100 Piano repairs will be quoted according to an estimate of hours needed. Estimate of completion time is dependant on amount of actual shop time is available at the time of the repair.
Minimum Charge $100 Minimum charge for piano assessment, appraisal, repair call, without tuning. All tuning appointments will include an assessment and appraisal as part of the service call, plus the cost of the repair or a quote for the same.

All other services quoted during initial service call

Piano tuning is at the heart of piano maintenance. A yearly tuning is standard for a residential piano, while institutional pianos may require 3-4 tunings in a year. You may look forward to multiple tuning packages at a discounted rate sometime in 2017. For a more indepth description of common services please consult the Services page.

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